We are open for business!  Call the office for details! 

Store – Open – 2 persons at a time – masks must be worn to enter. We will still have a nice selection of items to purchase but some items may not be available until later in the season.
Club House –Open at half capacity.
Bathhouse - Open – we suggest keeping occupancy at 2 persons at a time whenever possible. Masks and hand washing should also be a priority.
Pool – Open – half capacity (MAXIMUM 35 people at a time) Please practice social distancing with anyone outside of your circle or those you are comfortable with. You will need to bring your own chair to the pool and remove it when you leave. If you are not swimming and just sitting by the pool to visit friends, please consider using the areas outside of the pool area to do so, so that others may utilize the pool. 
Toad – Closed – we will be utilizing other areas of the camp for these activities to allow for better social distancing.
Porta Johns – Open


Premier camping for women only!


Owendale, michigan | Located in the thumb |  989.375.2586

Windover Women's Resort